Productised Design: C4Derpillar

A project log for C4Derpillar: Open CE-C⁴D

Open Capillary Electrophoresis platform utilising a Capacitively-Coupled Contactless Conductivity Detector geared for on-line water analysis

Taylor WassTaylor Wass 09/21/2015 at 20:340 Comments

Hi All,

Here's a quick render of what the C4Derpillar will look like. Essentially a box containing all of the circuitry and plumbing with two external ports for taking a sample and dumping waste liquid. There will also be 12 external pins for power, data capture etc.

It's looks minimalistic from the outside - that's because it is! We don't want wires hanging all over the place if she is operating in outback Queensland! As part of the build instructions in the next round a render of the inside of the device will be available, however we have to model most of the parts ourselves so it takes time (not to mention we have never done this before!)