Aeroponics System

An Aeropoics system of horticulture based on the popular Dutch Bucket method.

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Aeroponics is a method of soil-less growing similar to hydroponics.

This system was designed based on a proven method of hydroponics called the Dutch Bucket method.

In aeroponics, special care is taken to ensure plenty of moist air is exposed to the roots, along with a nutrient-rich drip.

The plants are grown in 5 gallon buckets with no soil. Instead, roots are draped over porous clay gravel.

An automatic pumping system keeps the gravel perfectly moist.

This video shows some images of the build, along with video of the grow media, and sprayers.

The results have been great. Two months later the plants are flourishing.

The pumps kick on for thirty seconds once every hour to wet-down the roots, and gravel. The rest of the time the gravel drip dries, and the inside of the bucket stays above 95% humidity. This way the roots receive plenty of moisture and oxygen.

The water is recirculated back to the reservoir after dripping into the drain system.

The system uses between 1-3 gallons of water per day depending on the temperature and plant size.

  • Day 120

    Dean Gouramanis10/24/2015 at 02:58 0 comments

    The tomato plants fell ill to a mildew infection. The pepper plants are still ripening in the cold fall weather. Gorgeous!

  • Growth Update Day 85

    Dean Gouramanis08/26/2015 at 07:17 0 comments

    Definately a success. The fruits are sweet, and sour, and delicious thanks to the Masterblend tomato formula. I've been pruning weekly as the growth just rages on into late August.

  • Garden Update - Day 56

    Dean Gouramanis07/23/2015 at 00:18 0 comments

    We had some BEAUTIFUL weather today. The plants are doing great.

    In this video I give an overview of the operation and construction of the system.

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