A project log for Aquarium controller / home automation

I am building an automated aquarium controller to fit into my home automation system.

pjpj 09/18/2016 at 20:580 Comments

What a great idea I have just had! (I don't get that many folks!)

I am going to run my project software within Dropbox. As it is a syncing service and the files are resident on my computer(s) it is a fab idea to run it from with Dropbox directory (we (older folk) always used to call a collection of data files in a computer a directory. Windows (yak!) renamed it just to be hip and called it a folder. I still call it a directory as it should be. (Stamps foot on ground!). Sorry I digress. Where was I ? oh yes Dropbox.

These are the good points for running the software within the Dropbox folder - erm - sorry - directory!

Bad points for running the software within Dropbox