update 4: code overhaul! + github repo coming soon

A project log for Zerowatch

An Arduino Zero compatible open source smartwatch

mon ramon ra 07/27/2015 at 20:070 Comments

the whole system is being rewritten as of now, and I'm using more classes, as this keeps code nicer to look at, but also increases security on the user app-side:

it was this before:
all system variables and functions can be adjusted/called from your own apps. to prevent this from happening, simply declare all variables in the 'private' section of your app.
And for the functions, recommended is using __ in front of every function you make, example: 'void __init_vars()'.

and now it is:
no system variables can be accessed, and only functions that are set as 'public' can be accessed from apps now :D
this enhances security of the watch.

this also means one can not access the graphics library directly (including all driver chip commands), so a 'wrapper' is being written as well.

the gihub repo will hopefully be online by the end of this or next week