update 10: got motivation & new case design

A project log for Zerowatch

An Arduino Zero compatible open source smartwatch

mon ramon ra 08/24/2015 at 16:390 Comments

some things got me thinking like "what's the use of the watch?" and "am i going to continue?"
especially when i got a sony SW2, it made me feel like that at first.
however, when i tried to dev apps for it, i started to think different, as i don't really want to use a custom java sdk
i want plain C (and C++) to develop apps in, plus i really want a good open source alternative to all those closed source smartwatches.

this got my motivation back and i continued design :D
the first thing i had trouble with is that the 500mAh battery was larger than advertised, i needed to redesign some things (mostly regarding the enclosure)

there are still some things i want to improve:
- Zerowatch emulator (beyond my skills sadly)
- code debugging and optimizations (like the applist displaying bug)
- creating a custom android bluetooth app (also beyond my skills sadly)
- let apps use bluetooth?

i also ordered a new color oled at ebay, and am waiting for it to arrive as i can't really do much else right now

anyhow, have the render of my current case design :)

it's dimensions are about: 41x54x9MM (including watchband connectors)