update 11: interrupts and further plans!

A project log for Zerowatch

An Arduino Zero compatible open source smartwatch

mon ramon ra 08/26/2015 at 01:250 Comments

a small update for those interested:

i am switching to an hardware interrupt for the clock, as i encountered a bug in the software, namely:
when a loop cycle runs for more than a second ( like delay(1200); ), the time skips a second as well. the only option to prevent this without too much hassle is a hardware interrupt
though the only pins that are usable are pin 0 & 1 (the serial pins), as all other pins are occupied already, so this means i need to ditch the bluetooth feature.

so once i'm getting my new oled screen (which hopefully will be tomorrow) i will start working on my project again and implement the interrupt.
i also will start working on the app selection screen, as it's still bugged as of now.
new casing (shown in update 10) is also ordered at shapeways :)

next steps that are on the todo list are:
1: optimize code!
2: wait for casing to arrive and check if battery fits, if not, update design and order another case.
3: wait for pcb's to be sent to me from AtomSoft and test them once i receive those
4: try to put a watch together and shoot a video for the quarter finals (with or without case)
( yes all of the above within less than a month >_< )

after that, i hopefully am able to develop some more demo applications and finalize the design.

please put any ideas regarding the watch in the comments of the project :)
(also, for those who didn't notice yet, i put a component block diagram in the gallery)