Fume extractor

This was the inspiration for my fume extractor.

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This works great and its easy to reposition. The total cost was about $10-15. The first 90 needs to be redesigned because the pressure cracked it, and some other things could use a change. I tried putting a piece of tape inside the 90 to make it stay but it ended up rolling inside and getting stuck. basically i position the middle then the end is easy to move to my work. It also has 3 speed settings but the lowest seems to work great. It is made from 3" corrugated drain pipes for rain downspouts. a few 90 deg bends and a partially broken hair dryer i got from good will that happens to be a 12v motor! The case was broken so i got it for like $2 but all i needed was the fan.
  • 1 × broken hair dryer
  • 1 × 10' of pvc corrugated drain line
  • 1 × 12v wall pack
  • 7 × 3" DRAIN 90
  • 1 × drain coupling this is the housing for the motor

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