Membership Update

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An open source access control system based on Raspberry Pi

patrickPatrick 07/22/2015 at 16:230 Comments

Currently most of the way through a membership tracking/management update to the site that separates memberships from membership credits and allows a single membership to be "used" by multiple people. The existing system has a single table called memberships that has a line for every paid membership period. The problem is our makerspace currently offers a membership that allows 2 people access. So we have used 2 different hacks for this, one is to only have the paying member sign up and then just issue another RFID card under that membership to the second person. The other is to have both sign up and manually duplicate all the memberships for both people. Both suck, so I wanted to create the ability for a membership to be "assigned" to people. Also for myself I'm paying for multiple people in my startup to have access, and I basically have to do everything manually, which is a pain. So to be able to have an on going membership that gets paid but consistently lets multiple people in the door with minimal interaction, I changed the database to have memberships, membership credits, and memebrship users. This way a person can potentially have multiple memberships each month that are tied to different people. This also means that a company can pay for a membership for N people and manage it however they like.