Summer 2016 production in progress

A project log for PowerPeg Thermal Management System

SMT Thermal Connector System

Dean GouramanisDean Gouramanis 05/29/2016 at 16:420 Comments

The 2016 production lot is in development. The new products include five PowerPeg sizes to choose from, as well as several heatsinks.

The quality of the PowerPegs has been improved. These threads are class 3B, which is as good as they get. The threads are also 40% deeper which means more strength, and more design freedom.

I have adopted strict quality control methods, and plan to produce around 200 of each size PowerPeg using a retrofitted Brown&Sharpe screw machine.

The pegs are #RoHS comliant; fabricated from alloy C145 copper, and ENIG plated.