Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi 2 Autonomous Cyborg Backpack: The Raspberry PI 2 serves as the main CPU in the backpack. A Wi-Fi dongle allows connectivity over an ad-hoc network with the user's smartphone.
2 × Dagu 6DOF Robot Arms Autonomous Cyborg Backpack: The robot arms -- a total of 12 servos!
1 × SSC32 Servo Controller Autonomous Cyborg Backpack: The servo controller that the arm's servos are connected to. A custom enclosure is used to protect the servo controller inside the backpack.
2 × GoBotics Sonar Sensor Autonomous Cyborg Backpack: Ultrasonic sensors on the sides of the backpack serve to detect obstacles. Your phone beeps if you get close to something. This helps you protect the extra arms from damage.
2 × WebCams Autonomous Cyborg Backpack: The webcams provide a video feed of what is going on behind you. GoPro has it wrong. You need cameras to see behind you, not in front of you!
1 × Tekkeon External Battery Autonomous Cyborg Backpack: Powers the Raspberry Pi and the SSC32 Servo Controller.
1 × Android Phone Autonomous Cyborg Backpack: The entire system is controllable with the user's smartphone. The smartphone application allows the user to control the arms, view the video feeds, and know the proximity of obstacles to the sonar sensors.
1 × Jansport Backpack Autonomous Cyborg Backpack: A large backpack to hold the arms!
6 × Micro Gripper Kit A + Sub-Micro Size Servos (from SparkFun) Wearable MultiClaw : The wearable multi claw sports no less than 6 low-cost grippers!
2 × 9in Sports Wristband Wearable MultiClaw: The multiple grippers are mounted on sport wrist bands that slide on one's arms.
2 × Pololu Micro Maestro Servo Controller Wearable MultiClaw: The Micro Maestro Controller is scripted to control the claws.
2 × Tenergy 6.0V 2000mAh Batteries Wearable MultiClaw: These batteries provide power to the Micro Maestro Servo Controller.