Arduino ECG

Arduino ECG => Cordova => Android/HTML5

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Practice in various technologies.
1. ECG based on instrumental amplifier based circuit.
2. Feeding into Arduino
3. (eventually ended up using Bluetooth from Arduino )
4. Cordova-based HTML5 Canvas Android app shoing the ECG reading

Sorry I don't have time to write all the details down. I really couldn't maintain the signal amidst all the noise fed through the breadboard, and due to traveling I had to stop the development.

Overall, I learned a WHOLE LOT in instrumental amplifiers, low-pass filters, Arduino, Android/Cordova, Bluetooth modules, and I'm thankful that I actually got it to work at least for some time during the taping of the video!

Video showing preliminary Cordova output for browser:

Cordova app on Android visualization test:

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