A high capacity, low power One Wire data logger.

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The Hydra is a high capacity, low power One Wire data logger. It is based on the TI MSP430FR6989 microcontroller and it conforms to the TI Boosterpack-XL pinout format.

Its function is to collect sensor readings from One Wire sensors on a regular basis and stores them in the internal FRAM memory. The readings are then off loaded for storage, analysis and further processing.

The Hydra project is dependent upon a three other of my projects:
- The Orb: Power and Communications
- Tentacle - Thermocouple: Very High Temperature readings
- Tentacle - Temperature: Ambient Temperature readings.

Combining the Hydra with the sensors will create a large scale sensor network of One Wire devices that can be collected and monitored remotely via the Hydra's serial communication facilities.

Testing in the lab has shown the Hydra has the ability to read an enormous number of One Wire devices (in excess of 500 sensors per port). The maximum number of sensors will be limited by the capacitive effects of the wires used to create the One Wire bus and by the memory capacity of the Hydra.

The Hydra will take advantage of the 128KB of internal MSP430 FRAM but when that is not enough then the data can be:
- Stored in the external 256Kx8 FRAM or
- Stored the on-board SD Card slot or
- Send to another system via the I2C port on the 40 pin headers eg: CC3200 LaunchPad or
- Send to anther system via the Serial port on the 40 pin headers eg: PC running a node.js server program

  • 1 × MSP430FR6989 Microcontroller
  • 1 × DS2482S-100+ Interface and IO ICs / Peripheral Drivers and Actuators
  • 1 × MB85RS2MTPF Memory ICs / Other Memory ICs

  • PCB Layout is complete

    John07/23/2015 at 23:28 1 comment

    At this time, the schematic and pcb layout have been completed and are ready to be submitted to the board house for fabrication.

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