Braces, onto the frame

A project log for OpenBuilds C-Beamâ„¢ Machine Build

C-Beam Machine is a CNC machine design based on the popular V-Slot linear guide system.

charliexcharliex 07/27/2015 at 04:360 Comments

Part list

install the corner brackets with a T-Nut and 10 mm bolts on the C Beam

install left side mount plate with 4 M4 20 mm

I found it easier to install the lead screw with the gantry off the C Beam

install the bearing, add the washer round side towards bearing, and the lock collar, fit it all in, flush the lead screw

install the other side now

leave a small gap on the mounting plate, don't tighten the 20 mm M4's all the way

push it all together, lock the collar and then tighten down the plate so it'll preload

Add the flexible coupling, leave a small gap away from the plate

add the 55 mm bolts to the motor, add to 40 mm spacers

wire going out this way

and install the motor and tighten the coupler

And its all together