UD Card with ICE65 FPGA

microSD Card sized board with ice65 low power FPGA

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2 Layer PCB

  • 1 × ice65L04 ice65 FPGA (no longer produced)
  • 1 × SPI Flash

  • UD-ice65 initial testing

    Antti Lukats07/25/2015 at 12:50 0 comments

    Board used in test setup

    6 pin female header is used for microSD-pmod board, that was used to plug in UD-Card with SPI Flash.

    The LED is NOT a power on LED, it is connected to FPGA I/O and is on because the FPGA has booted from the UD-SPI-Flash card. This SPI break out was used for development purposes. The ice65 UD card has on board SPI Flash too.

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