Easy inspecting with a stickvise

A project log for Full Metal Stickvise

Made my own Stickvise from some pieces of brass and aluminium I found in the cheap scraps at the local metal supplier, and some stock I had.

martijnMartijn 05/21/2018 at 22:080 Comments

I was trying to repair my AVR Dragon

I think my reset line is fried, and the given solution for this seems to be replacing two IC's. Sadly 2 pads came off along with one of the IC's and I tried to fix it with some tiny wires. But the parts on the dragon are rather small and i was afraid I might short some pads, so I looked for a way to do some inspecting.

My magnifying lamp isn't ideal for that, but I'd just received the magnifier I bought from a chinese webstore (tbh, I didn't buy it with electronics in mind). And this was just too easy to do:

If I had known I was going to do this, I might have looked a bit better at the optimal magnification and focal lengths and such.

The dragon didn't make it (yet), my last replacement IC sprung from my tweezers and disappeared in a puff of smoke. (I have an Atmel ICE now, which is nice and fast, but has a stupid 1.27 mm grid connector)