BLE112 XBee Module

This is a standard XBee breakout board for the Blue Giga BLE112 Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) module.

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The BLE112, from BlueGiga, is one of the latest Bluetooth Smart radio modules. This has been packaged into an easy to use XBee form-factor. This module will work with standard XBee USB adapter boards as well as Arduino XBee Shields and XBee adapters boards for other various development platforms. The bottom side of this BLE112 XBee module contains the footprint for 2x5 x 50mil pitch male pin header for loading custom firmware profiles using BlueGiga's programming utilities. Additionally, complete custom firmware can be written and loaded onto the processor, the Texas Instruments CC2540, located inside the BLE112 module.

Tested and works with the Bluetooth LE Scanner Android app by Alexandros Schillings.

Note: you must use a programming tool, such as the CC Debugger by Texas Instruments to load available BlueGiga profiles or your own custom firmware via the 2x5 50-mil header located on the bottom of the XBee module.

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Clint Stevenson wrote 07/28/2015 at 00:32 point

Thanks!  The one you linked is very similar, but the debug header is more costly and not as readily available.  I do like that it's on top though.  

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flickflo wrote 07/28/2015 at 00:20 point

I've used this one some times ago. The CC Debugger header on the bottom is a +1 for your design!

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