Testing Cr2032 Batteries with our 2-Part Mini loggers

A project log for The Cave Pearl Project

Creating a generic underwater data logging platform that is easy to build & modify for many different environmental monitoring projects.

edward-mallonEdward Mallon 06/05/2023 at 19:550 Comments

Ran a series of Cr2032 battery tests with our 2-part falcon tube loggers and was pleasantly surprised to find that even with the default BOD limiting us to the upper plateau of those cells; we can still expect about two years of run time from most name-brand batteries.

With a series of resistors on the digital pins, this little logger might be the easiest way to simulate duty cycles for other more complex devices that you can’t afford to lose a dozen of for the duration of long term tests. Also note the curves are a bit chunky because the internal vref trick only has a resolution of 11mv, and we use index compression that reduces the record further to 16mv/step.