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What is The Grid?

The first artificial intelligence (AI) platform that creates websites.
How does The Grid autodesign work?

When you post to your site, our engine measures and analyses your content and crafts a beautiful site driven by human-centered values, constraints and direction. Think of it as your own personal AI Designer.
Is AutoDesigned?

Yes, is AutoDesigned by our engine.
How do I get on The Grid?

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How do I get a Grid site

Basically what I want to do is create a digital border bone a digital map which allows us to create other types of motorcycles and cars, in order to create what I want is a semi copy of the movie Tron Legacy but first we have to create a wing teleporter speed of of light carrying us within the grid.

Well first we have to create a carrier with light fast not carry in the program but it sounded idiotic bible design that evolved sience, when we created other programs have the opportunity to enter the grid

  • 1 × Conveyor the conveyor is the key to get

  • The Rules

    AizikenPR07/28/2015 at 02:15 0 comments

    1:Teamwork and project review

    2:All things to do dares think will be written

    3:you decide the workplace

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    Step 1

    The rules are the same as above

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