• Drilling Holes Carefully

    theonetruestickman04/07/2014 at 01:42 0 comments

    A pre-finished box makes me scared of screwing it up. This is a good thing, because I was a lot more careful and only messed up the power jack hole.

    It was fairly simple to transfer my guestimates from the cardboard mock-up to masking tape on the real box, with all the usual tweaking to get it to look right.

    I drilled one of the jack holes to make sure I had the clearances for switch placement right... it would stink to screw that up. The jack holes are actually just a tiny bit tight at 3/8" (on the high quality jack), just had to wiggle the bit around slightly and then they popped in no problem.

    This is what it looked like after drilling:

    Step bits are awesome.

  • Design Jollies

    theonetruestickman04/05/2014 at 13:09 0 comments

    This all started when I thought it would be cool to run my acoustic through my pedalboard as an effects sidechain - add some verb, delays, loops, etc. without duplicating effects I already have on my electric rig. I still don't know if this is actually useful.

    Even if it's not, this at least allows me to use a single tuner on my rig for both guitars, rather than replugging stuff when I switch off or what have you.

    Further, I need to fit this, a tuner, an EQ, and DI on a micro pedalboard that fits inside my acoustic guitar case, so it's got to be compact. Hence the combined A/B and output splitter. It's completely passive and unbuffered (aside from my acoustic pre-amp), so we'll see how it works.

    I can get away with not having A/B/Y function (A or B or both) on the output because I'm using the tuner as a mute on the DI output. Technically I don't need the switchable Y output since I can mute the electric side with the volume pedal, but I didn't think of that and having this option seems safer and more flexible.


    theonetruestickman04/05/2014 at 02:25 0 comments

    The (prefinished) box is so pretty I decided to be smart and mock up with cardboard before getting out the drill. This will help with silly mistakes since I can measure stuff an visually verify before making swiss cheese.

    Looks like everything should fit and look nice, but probably no space for a battery even if I planned to use it with one.

    This is also something nice and simple to try publishing as I go, except that I'm already half way done...