Let's make a clock with this!

A project log for Low cost dual Nixie Driver

A simple board, driving 2 nixies from discrete transistors and an Atmega8.

thomas-flayolsThomas Flayols 03/05/2018 at 23:390 Comments

This is the kind of clock that motivated this module. Twice two digits for hours and minutes, a simple wooden box and a PLA panel.

For power supplies, we need 3.3v and 170v.
From a voltage of 9V, I use an LM317 plugged in to make 3.3v (I could have used a fixed regulator, but I didn't have any on hand)
For the 170V, I bought this.

[Left 3.3V - Right: 170V ]

The master is a ESP8266-01. There's no buttons. 

At the boot of the clock, a free wifi is created for 30seconds for the first configuration. If a user logs in, he can set the host SSID and password via a web page. He can also choose the timezone.

After 30 seconds, or after setting is done, the time is updated from the internet.

The box is a bamboo box sold for the bathroom!

Supports are 3d printed to hold each module in the box.

The front-panel is also 3d printed.