Bluetooth RC Car

2007 - my first extensive project

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After freshman year of college, I finally fulfilled a childhood dream of acquiring an RC car. I gutted it and rewired it to use hobby servos controlled by my computer via a bluetooth serial adapter. I didn't want to spend money on PWM motor driver, so I used one servo with a big rheostat for speed control, and a second for a horrifically janky motor direction control. As is traditional in true hacks, I of course had a VB GUI for controlling it. And it worked great!
  • 1 × NIKKO Alienator RC Car Seems to be from the 80s, so it's as old as me?!?
  • 1 × IOGEAR Bluetooth 2.0 Serial adapter
  • 1 × Serial to TTL adapter
  • 1 × MiniSSC II Serial servo controller
  • 3 × HS 422 servos

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Keenan Rebera wrote 04/28/2016 at 00:54 point

What motors / battery did you use? What was the battery life, and how fast could it go? Any tips / regrets? Sorry for the bombardment, but I'm looking to do something similar.

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