Cardioid Flex Module

MEMs microphone in an array

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Utilizing ST MEMs microphones and their embedded software on ST ARM processors to produce cardioid and other microphone reception shapes.

Based on STMicro software that mixes the input from both microphones to provide real time beam forming - osxAcousticBF. The software requires use of a STM32F4 through STMicro's STM32Cube tool chain.

Any software related will be released under BSD or MIT license. SAAS or cloud based software will be AGPL.

Creative Commons License

  • 2 × MP34DB01 Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits / Misc. Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits

  • PDM based output

    Chris Hamilton08/17/2015 at 20:00 0 comments

    With PDM, SPI or even GPIO can be utilized to receive the audio input. This is much better than just i2s. In fact, PDM can be made to work as an i2s stream, yet is compatible with regular SPI or fast GPIO input.

  • Not just Cardioid

    Chris Hamilton08/17/2015 at 19:59 0 comments

    The design allows for all sorts of directional listening and filtering.

  • 4mm spacing

    Chris Hamilton08/17/2015 at 19:58 0 comments

    A minimum of 4mm is required between the microphones for the ST software to work.

  • ST demo

    Chris Hamilton08/17/2015 at 19:58 0 comments

    I went to a session put on by ST that discussed their work to define software based filtering of microphone arrays. So I was inspired by this.

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