This project started out on the Arduino Mega with a GSM shield, but has now become a custom print, integrating the SAMD21 from the Arduino Zero environment, bringing it together with the ESP8266 and a GSM module. We have a working prototype using the Atmega 1284p, but since the SAMD21 ship has much more capacity, we are now pursuing that solution. Our goal is to get both FCC and CE approved the final product. To enable a worldwide network of DIY greenhouses. Made in Denmark

The board is monitored and controlled from the online UI (follow the white rabbit)

Goals for this entry:

Open UI up for use with other DIY platforms, with examples .

BETA Test of hardware.

Ready for production.

Getn close...

Found these really neat circuits. Might take a bit longer making a doc, nice to be able to choose!

Almost there ! Getting Packed ;)