Sideway gets a facelift

A project log for Sideway

It's like a Segway, but sideways.

Jason DorieJason Dorie 08/13/2015 at 22:040 Comments

Sideway got it's first facelift! I changed the physical build significantly, but the electronics are identical.

V2 puts the wheels farther apart to improve the stability of the platform. I made the deck out of simple plywood for the moment, though I plan on actually creating a custom one using a combination of hardwood and fiberglass to improve the strength.

The gear ratio is a little lower than before, so it's faster, and it's using belt drive instead of chains, which makes it almost silent compared to what it was.

The overall construction is MUCH lighter. Using belts instead of chains and a wooden deck instead of steel frame dropped a good amount of weight, so it's more agile, and it's easier to carry. I haven't measured the difference, but it's very apparent in how it handles.

I'll probably make the next deck a little bit wider, and a little longer, but overall I'm very happy with this revision.