PN532 Reader

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Using NFC NTAG203 tags as voting tokens

Mike SzczysMike Szczys 12/28/2013 at 03:030 Comments

Project deadline is 17 days away.

The ElecFreaks PN532 based NFC reader arrived today. Had I realized that all their software samples are derived from the Adafruit board I would have ordered that one to support the open source effort (sorry Phil and Limor).

Right off the bat I gave this a try with and Arduino and it worked like a champ. The reader shipped with a Mifare Classic 1K tag which works with this reader. The tags I plan to use are ntag203, because the mifare classic cards don't work with Nexus phones (I understand the ntag203 is the most widely compatible).

The plan is/was to use an STM32 ARM chip --- in preparation for this I connected my Bus Pirate with the reader in I2C mode. After more than an hour of nothing I hooked it up in SPI mode and still more of nothing. I then pulled out an FTDI adapter and tried to drive the reader with libnfc. Again, nothing. This is very frustrating. At this point I probably need to focus on making the Arduino proof-of-concept work for my needs just to ensure I can make my deadline.


- Make an NDEF test write (use:

- Figure out how to use a script (Python?) to push NDEF strings to the Arduino for writing