Boosterado LightSquare

Passive cooled Double boost CC Mixable no-flicker rapid grade performance 350W cold-soft LED AC/DC DC/DC capable portable light panel

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Must have thing, if you're a distinct flashlight fan, as well as you're going to film rapid in dark areas.

If you think you've spot something near grade, let me look at it closely.

Idea came to us when a friend was filming a parrot at 300 fps 180 deg. shutter at his home with a red epic dragon left mid shift with all guts lying around.

Or even earlier, when i decided to make an ultimate filming and working light, that's so handy while crafting 0.3 pitch stuff for one of projects i felt like spotting for needs, described here on hackaday.

Now I've come to a point where overall design has been crafted,

CC boost troubleshooting, burnout stress tests and some hacks are done.

Mainframe contains 12 rows of 9 leds each, half-cold – half-warm.

Connected in parrallels each circuit tends to have

around 32V overall voltage drop across each of two

loops of passively cooled, connected in parallel 9 piece – in-series, 3 watt LED stripes driven by

two independent dimmable boost CC supplies, thy drain out of

HUGE 12V DC or ACtoDC or lead acid damn heavy source.

all connected with dead hot wires not to touch without eyeprotection.

Stay tuned.



Wach flies dance!

  • 2 × boost CC supply from ebay Got a full refund from china for two non-working properly modules, later turned to be finally on production with added extra opamp and a few misc elements, still good, but different from what we've made

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