Custom Servo and Power Board

A project log for Smart Desktop Medicine Organizer

A coffee machine sized box that automatically organizes your medications and connects your medicine use directly to your doctor/pharmacy.

JoeJoe 08/07/2015 at 03:580 Comments

In the original design I wanted to use a custom made optical encoder. I decided to spin my own board for this and figured I might as well integrate regulators and a PWM chip to drive the servos. Below is the board layout. On the side back side in blue are the infrared photodiodes that I originally planned to use as an optical encoder through the rotating barrel. There are 8 Servo connection at the top that drive the motors. There are two regulators: one that powers the servos and one that powers the Raspberry Pi. The regulators can be enabled/disabled to shutdown the Pi and save power. They are separated to avoid brownout on the Pi's supply when multiple motors are consuming a lot of power.

Here's the parts list:

Here's the associated schematic: