The red PCB (picture left) is the "Power Board". This is used to power all the mods, it takes +24Vdc in, output: 3.3Vdc, 5Vdc, +12Vdc, -12Vdc, 10V-Reference.

The first black PCB is an auxiliary breakout, it breaks out 4x 3.5mm (Stereo) auxiliary connectors.

The second black PCB is a small fixed gain amp, it can drive smaller speakers pretty well. It's just the basic design from the LM386 datasheet.

The yellow PCB is a prototyping board.

I got an 8-Bit LFO and 8-bit VCO coming in the mail, there will be digital modules as well as analog modules.

I have big plans for this project, I wish to design VCOs, VCAs, VCFs, Sequencers, Samplers... everything. From scratch, I'm keeping the through-hole stuff at a max to keep it friendly to hobbyists and of course: all completely open hardware.