The ISDB-T Receiver is a project that implement a fully tunable ISDB-T Receiver on the BeagleBone Black.

  1. ISDB-T transmits a HDTV channel and a mobile TV channel 1seg within one channel.
  2. ISDB-T can be received indoors with a simple indoor antenna.
  3. Implementation of open reception instead of CAS protection present in ISDB-T standard. Ensuring open reception is very critical in third world countries as entertainment should be available to the common man in a free manner.

The lastest version of the ISDB-T Receiver improves upon the previous version by adding a new GUI, with Electronic program guide(EPG)

I faced some challenges during the creation of the digital TV receiver box. The main challenge of this project was choosing the proper Linux Kernel. it was really hard for me to develop Linux device drivers for USB ISBD-T TV stick.

My project kickoff

Implementing the GUI