Instructions for getting stuff out of a tree with this tool!

A project log for Scrap parts assemble to rescue stuff stuck in tree

us-water-rocketsU.S. Water Rockets 07/31/2015 at 07:210 Comments

Here's a quick tutorial showing you how to use this tool to recover things when they get stuck in a tree!

Take one of the projectiles and tape the line from the fishing reel to the tail end. The line should be taped firmly but should pull free in the event that the projectile gets stuck in the tree.

The projectile is inserted tail first into the top of the launcher.

Grasp the projectile as it comes out of the bottom of the launcher and pinch it with the latex tube.

Pull back and stretch the latex tube, similar to the way you would arm a slingshot.

Take aim down the barrel of the launcher and release the projectile.

If you miss the shot, you can quickly reel the projectile back in and try again.

Once you have placed your projectile in the desired location, you can let if drop to the ground and pull it off then tie a string to the fishing line.

Then, you tie a rope on the other end of the string.

When you reel in the fishing line, it pulls the string through the branches, then the string is used to pull the rope through the branches last.

When you have the rope where you want it, you can then use it to pull your object or shake your object loose from the tree.

With a little patience and persistance, you can recover just about anything.

A word of caution: Never use this tool where the projectiles could land where you cannot see. You do not want to hit people or animals or cause property damage. NEVER use this around power lines, but you knew that already, right?

A video of this entire project in tutorial form is available on our YouTube channel: