gain peek metering working with the odd glitch :)

A project log for Multichannel Audio DSP Field Mixer Recorder

bluetooth app controlled professional portable DSP mixer.balanced audio IO,phantom power,flexible routing,ISO recording. timcode. AVB audio.

ben bilesben biles 05/20/2019 at 15:300 Comments

The main problem seams to be the app inventor app can't keep up with the speed of the packets being sent from the field recorder. I did slow down the TX rate so it could also be the way the individual screens are cleared.

I have to say a massive thanks to ABG on the MIT app inventor forum for helping me figure out a fast way to receive the 10 byte packets. My caveman code in app inventor was just not working quick enough :)!msg/mitappinventortest/C2KYLiD1k0g/w_nyJ6OLAgAJ

I thought my adaption of ABG 's example code was working at the end of the thread but I was wrong. I had to slow down the packet stream from the ARM since it was just way to fast.

I'll hopefully be able to clean up the glitches and move on from android app designer. Not my thing !!! If the gain peek metering works I will add metering to main faders and mix faders. There will also be a screen with all faders working at once!! if its fast enough !

I think I need to switch my BT dongle to BTLE 4. I read its better at streaming data.