smaller phantom power module

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ben bilesben biles 10/12/2019 at 09:050 Comments

I just finished soldering up a smaller modular phantom power board.

I did look into making the 12v -> 48v boost converter side without IC's ( discrete components ) but it would have been to large for what I need. I tested on a dummy load and can produce 134mA 47.5V without the board warming up over long periods.

I've started to use thinner circuit boards now to to reduce weight. I should have used 1.27mm headers for this board. I went against it thinking its a power board but at maximum 134mA a smaller header would have been fine.

This is just the start of shrinking all my proto boards down !

Next is the dual +/-5v and +/-15v boards and new smaller preamp boards with end cutouts for the DC blocking caps :)