15mm x 17mm 3.3v 1.8amp max module

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ben bilesben biles 03/11/2020 at 05:521 Comment

15 x 17mm 6v to 20v input 3.3v output 1.8A


ben biles wrote 03/15/2020 at 09:34 point

12Vin -> 3.3Vout

TPSM84209 and ADM7172.

I trimmed the output of the TPSM84209 to about 3.5v as the ADM7172 was just cooking at 1st as the output was nearer 4.5V !

The PCB is way to small for heat dissipation but I could get an idea of how well this would or would not work. I used my new digital dummy load and ramped up the 3.3v load to 1.8A before it just got to hot and cut out.

I think I need 3.3v 1.6A peek and an average of around 450mA so it should would

fine especially if I put this on the main 4 layer Digi board.

there was significant drift on the the 3.3v output under load but just about within range.

Not really convinced of this combo but the footprint / part count is small so I may

give it try on the main board on next revision and experiment with different input / output cap to see if I can get a more consistent voltage output over load / temp range.

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