I2C tricks ahhhh !!!

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ben bilesben biles 08/30/2015 at 16:000 Comments

OK, here we go again, I2C trouble..

On the AIC3101 it took me a while to realise the supposed I2C compatable logic level

converter was not so compatable !!

This time I have hooked up 5v VLC logic level supply on the DAC and hooked up SDA and SCL, done a I2C scan with a arduino sketch..

nothing... !

well there seams to be some voltage switching going on as I switch on the UNO ( around 2volts on the I2C data line. not sure thats enough voltage to achieve any switching on the DAC.

I tried disabling the on chip pullups in the wire library in code and adding 2.2k resistors for pullups connected to 5v.

nothing ... !

I have no scope so can't really see whats going on.. Think I'll try SPI next and see if I get any luck with that. I wanted to use I2C since I can read back registers and check the accuracy of the USBmidi controls as I did with the TI AIC3101 codec.

more news soon. . . .

in the mean time, can anyone recomend a reasnable priced scope for this kind problem solving?