ATAPI routing? I thought ATAPI was a CDROM ide thing !

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ben bilesben biles 09/03/2015 at 16:170 Comments

So the DAC is working and it sounds great ! I have a 8 Volume controls !!

But there is always a BUT in electronics design !!

mixing down to 2 channels ?

EDIT [ OK, just noticed there are 4 registers for these tables ] maybe I can make this work somehow . I think there are 4 stereo pairs. so if I add another DAC could I have 8 stereo pairs ? then I could have balance faders for each channel ? scratching my caveman brain here ]

I speed read a lot of data sheets trying to find an 8 channel DAC to use as a digital mixer.

I found the CS4385 had 8 channels of IO I2S input and 8 channels differntial output .. tick.

then noticed an ATAPI routing matrix chart thing and thought,, oh nice , I can mix the tracks to any given output.. HAHA !!! I think I am experiencing the beginer trap here !! see pictures below..

It appears like you can mix A channels and B channels to ??? so confusing..

essentially I'm probebly looking at changing the DAC for some kind of DSP that can route / mix incoming I2S channels to and from anywhere to anywhere.. but which one !! and they are so complicated.

also , are they power efficiant ? I am trying to make a low power simple flexible USBmidi mixer here !!! should I be using FPGA !! ?