Finally its working :)

A project log for Multichannel Audio DSP Field Mixer Recorder

USBmidi, bluetooth app controll 8 chan portable DSP mixer.balanced audio IO,phantom power,flexible routing,ISO recording. networked Timecode

ben bilesben biles 06/05/2017 at 11:320 Comments

at last !!! I have an 8 channel balanced audio DSP mixer !!!!!! wow its starting to sound really great !

I have the Arm demo record playback audio app code running in the same application code and I'm just starting

to wire up the SAI ports 4 slot 8 channel TDM to and from the DSP :)

I have bluetooth control of the gains and volume controls in the DSP. Also generating test tone and tone sweep for testing.

basically feed test tone sweep from output to input and then use an oscilloscope to check the pramps etc.

A lot more work to do , PFL's routing matrix in the app. compressors and filters in the app from in the DSP.

Looking forward to getting recording finished so I can add timecode. I might just use the onboard sound card on the STM32F769i for now to sync external timecode. Will have to see how acurate the RTC is in the ARM . might need a more accurate one.

Need to make a demo video when I get time of the app and mixer in action !!