Evolve - A platform for Bionic Hands and HMIs

Evolve is a plug and play platform for Prosthetics and Human Machine Interfaces with custom hardware sensors and an app store

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Evolve is a plug and play platform for Prosthetics and Human Machine Interfaces. With evolve, we are trying to create a system were 3D developers can concentrate on their designs, hardware builders on their electronics circuit designs and Software developers can work on creating features and apps. Currently developed for 3D printed Bionic Arm, it comes with a set of wired and wireless sensors, control inputs and API for developers to build and integrate new hardware to the system. It features an innovative low cost slip sensor designed for Bionic Hands and an App store. Developers can develop apps and features for the platform and users can install it into the device via the app store. With this approach, a Bionic Hand or HMI no longer works on preset logic and features built into it at a lab or company. An ANN based AI is also in works to detect the usage pattern of the user and also to figure out the gesture being performed. Tested on inhouse acrylic hand and Inmoov (

Evolve is a plug and play platform for Prosthetics and Human Machine Interfaces. Currently developed for a 3D printed Bionic Arm, evolve features an App store so that users can download new features and install it into the arm and a a range of specially designed sensors for object interaction and gesture recognition. An Artificial Neural Network for AI based learning is also in works.

The control input for the bionic hand is a set of EMG sensors and works both as a wired and wireless input. The GUI of the hand gives basic insight into the status of the hand, the apps that are running and features installed. A profile based system and touch input allows the user to select the required functionality for his hand, whether its a key grip to hold a car key or a power grip to hold a ball.

Its is powered by a Li Ion battery. the current version was tested on an inhouse built acrylic hand and a 3D printed open source hand design - Inmoov( Once the hardware is done, an open source 3D hand design for Evolve will be built.

Until now, all the 3d design, hardware development and software coding was done by the same team. We hope to bring a change in this by providing a hardware platform, open source 3D hand model and and app ecosystem. With this, developers working on the 3d model can completely work on it, apps and features can be developed by software developers and hardware teams can develop accessories for the system. This helps to bring down the cost of the system and make it scale able, smarter and easier to work with.

  • 1 × EMG Sensor To detect Muscle signals
  • 1 × Intel Edison The Brain - For all computations, interface including motor control and hosting GUI
  • 5 × MG995R Motors
  • 1 × Power Supply A 5V 6 A power supply was designed and powered using a 3.7V 8000mAh battery
  • 1 × Battery 3.7v 8000mAh battery - Li Ion

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