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experiments with TI cc1101

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simple text pager designed to send message from a - bLRPWelcome to the LRP 'Long Range Pager' ProjectWhat is it? I'm not sure we know ourselves yet but its going to have a screen, a wheel for entering texts and and ariel !! :)CC1101 RF module tests with arduinoCode and wireing can be found here my arduino code here on github !!!! have a message sent over from A - B. 4 packets of 21 bytes. 1st byte in each packet is packet ID. the rest of each packet contains 20 characters! Total 80 characters for the moment.Next up, will be input device !!! a push n click wheel AKA rotoray encoder.. and maybe even a usb keyboard

Video Vlog ! latest video at the top.

not sure why I made so many videos of this, guess I amazed I could get it to work !

  • 1 × arduino UNO r3
  • 1 × CC1101 RF module in SPI mode
  • 1 × Hitachi HD44780 with i2c

  • Long Range

    ben biles08/26/2015 at 03:36 0 comments

    thinking of using an RF sythesizer IC so that the TX RF range can be anywhere between 10mhz - 1ghz or so.. the CC1101 is very limited in usable freqencys..

    anyone have any idea what would be a good long range freqency to send pager data on ? I guess a lot of freqncies are not leagel but think north pole middle of nowhere !

    any sugestions here would be awasome, I'm no HAM expert , and I suppose longe range packet radio is HAM radio ?

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