Gathering Components

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Robot designed as a starting point for 1 lb combat robots

andrew-schreiberAndrew Schreiber 08/01/2015 at 20:260 Comments

As of today I've gathered the majority of the parts. How absolutely tiny this thing is really started to sink in.

No, seriously, that's the motor and a normal quarter. I've also started pulling the casing off the Vex 29 Controllers. It's the only way things are going to fit inside the bot. Fairly simple to do, simply put a blade in the seam of the casing and twist. It'll pop right open.

I also went to the local hobby shop to sort out the issues I was having sourcing a receiver and transmitter. The guys there looked at me like I was crazy for trying something that small. So they hooked me up with the smallest 4 channel receiver they had and helped me figure out how to make it talk to a transmitter.

Earlier this week, I tried to print out a prototype of the frame but my printer extruder jammed halfway through, haven't tried again since.

So far, not counting transmitter, I'm about $110 in on this project not counting the $40 for the speed controllers (I've got a ton of those sitting around)