Motor Attachments

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Educational Arduino based polar geometry drawing system.

owen-liOwen Li 08/15/2015 at 02:520 Comments

Motors are generally useless when not attached to other components of a machine. However, unlike other components, motor shafts can't simply be glued or duct taped together. A solid connection is sometimes difficult to make, especially on a round, smooth shaft. While working on this project, we have tried duct tape, electrical tape, epoxy, and many other solutions to attach components to motors. We have found that these methods are unstable and fall apart quickly. We eventually resorted to buying parts online, and these have made the process much easier.

Most connections to stepper motor shafts rely on a metal cylinder surrounding a shaft with a small screw pushed in perpendicular to it. We bought an axle coupler to connect our round shaft to the square VEX drive shafts. We also have a universal mounting hub to connect our stepper with the rotating platform.

Servos usually come with a variety of plastic horns that lock onto the gear head and screw into place. Drilling through the horn allows screws and bolts to be connected to the servo and the component.