Some Updates- New Prototype

A project log for Up-Ride, the Bicycle to Elliptical Conversion Kit

Joseph ProsnitzJoseph Prosnitz 10/03/2015 at 08:360 Comments

I suppose I should mention the build of the new prototype based off the cad. Lot of small lessons learned. The piton button in spec did not have enough depth for thickness of tube. The foot platforms should sit on outside so design can be narrower. There needs to be some way to lock in place when you mount mechanism that releases when you drive forward to ease start mount and dismount. You can get 18 inches + but you do have some scraping which might be mitigated by narrowing of design when foot platforms get moved. This mitigation of scraping since primarily on turns lean(but not that much road riding right now overall). Trainer still not finished as welder is down. Handlebar extensions need to lock robustly if present. They probably can be significantly shorter and should probably act as a single rigid frame instead of two points. Riding without them was very forward leaning but seemed ok at least for short rides. Quick releases would be much nicer for major mounting points. Mechanism works fantastic, stride motion and spring tension system works well though springs probably could have higher tension and that tension should perhaps be adjustable. Foot platforms probably can be more narrow and need a toe box of some kind. Branding should be incorporated into next prototype. FK day of sram and world bicycle relief was kind enough to give time. looked at design and recommends manufacture in taiwan. Speculated entire assembly can be done under 100 including trainer and motion conversion device. Interbike also yielded interesting feedback on design and capital needs to move project forward. Patent is moving forward. Mostly positive. Planning trip to taiwan to iterate with right manufacturing partner. Looking to do one more prototype possibly stateside or abroad to prove out unit cost and final feature set. Distribution channel feedback is going to be sought and more user feedback. Excited, tired, somewhat stressed out. Lot of liabiliy concerns.