Engineers Log: 01-02/03/2018

A project log for NOAHCube

The NOAHCube is the next chapter in my Network of Automated Hardware for home automation. A new centralized and portable automation hub

dewetDewet 03/02/2018 at 13:410 Comments

With the project page open it's almost like the first page in a new notebook. You never quite exactly know where or how to start. So the first thing to do is scribble something (really anything) down to ruin the first page so it's easier to start on the next page. This is my first scribble on this project log. 

I have the basic idea down for what I want to build and I have a rough idea how. First I need to do some paper work to get the project goals down as well as some specs. Apparently designing back planes for enclosures is an art in itself, see as proof.

First Goals:

My idea for the back plane (a very critical part of this) is nothing too elaborate. We just need the following available to the 4 slot in cards that should fit this design. Nothing high speed here.

  1. 12V +
  2. 5V +
  3. GND
  4. I2C
  5. SPI
  6. SS 1-4
  7. Serial (RX, TX)
  8. System Reset
  9. Optional lines (Spares for future use)

I also need to decide if the back plane should be dumb (no active components) or contain some smarts allowing you to run some of the basics without a CPU card inserted. Important is also to determine what type of connector will work for the back plane.