A project log for Back To The Future Time Circuit Clock

Back To The Future Time Circuit Clock with clock, alarm and FM radio receiver.

AtherosAtheros 04/18/2014 at 19:590 Comments

What's new?

I had to change my plans a bit and I couldn't take care of etching PCBs. Instead I took some time and looked into the 14-segment displays. I was worried at first, but it turns out once you can drive 7-segment displays, 14-segments is pretty much the same, just a few pins more:

That is almost true, except the code and font definition. I'm still working that out, but I guess it's just a matter of time.

The only other news is that I didn't receive yet the FM radio modules I ordered. By itself, it is not big problem, but I still need to make a few design decisions, and having those radio modules and testing them would answer a few questions. There is still a slim chance they will arrive tomorrow morning.

What's next?

As before, lots of PCBs to etch and now I have some practical knowledge with 14-segment displays. This will allow me to start designing PCBs for them.

Short log entry, but at least there is some progress. I hope to show more next time!