New sounder/HID device

A project log for Morse key HID + ugly hack

While trifting I found a battered old dusty morse key. After cleaning it up, I decided to build a break out HID box for it.

TimescaleTimescale 05/23/2022 at 18:100 Comments

Keeping in style with the previous box, this still is a bit hacky but definitely more robust and polished. I got all the classics like hot glue, Q&D soldering, ad-hoc layout and sub-optimal connections, but it is all quite neat and fits in an old slide box. Here is the set!

The lid still needs some work as the paint does not adhere very well and it needs a hole for the beeper to be more audible, but this is basically it. Key goes in one side, USB goes out into a pjuter and there you have a morse keyboard ready to go. There is a nice led that lights up next to the jack input and the Pro Micro inside also produces an interesting light show. This is how it looks on the inside :

The led, jack socket, jack cord and beeper+connector are salvages parts and the case was a 10 cent thrift store item. Overall this build was pretty cheap, with the key included somewhere around 15 euros.

But at least I can now enjoy signing into my mail client OR log posts. so here goes.