Urban Exploration

A project log for Twiz

Tiny Wireless IMUs - 100% open & autonomous 9DoF motion sensor using BLE to control anything from your [objects] motion !

drixDrix 10/03/2015 at 14:210 Comments

The Urban Explorations Project began in 2012 as an investigation on the ordinary happenings and encounters in the Singapore heartlands, narrated through the retrieval of sound, colours, smells, soil samples, found objects, behavorial observations and traffic patterns.

Driven by a low-tech approach in collecting data rather than making use of digitally available big data sets to make sense of the urban environment, the explorers are required to conceptualize and design their own methods and strategies to collect and categorize data.
The exhibition was from June 4th to 14th in Paris, here is a video that was shown there: