Use a Macbook pro's touch pad as a replacement for a normal touch pad on a Hackintosh to avoid special extensions

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Macbook pro touch pad as a replacement for a normal touch pad on a Hackintosh so you do not need special extensions.

The touchpad uses SPI or USB.
Keep the CY8C24794 as this is the convert from SPI to USB.
You will need to connect TPAD_VBUS_EN on the CY8C24794 (pin 4) to 3.3v as that is the voltage the CY8C24794 works on .

I used a LM1117 to power the CY8C24794 at 3.3v , and the 5v straight from USB to power the touchpad electronics and the boost circuit for the actual touch.

I used a part of a damaged Macbook 2012 MB on the back side you will need the circled part only.

I will reduce the piece as much as possible in the future.

The MB was bought as damaged so just make sure you have the proper parts if you plan to do this.

You can use this as a magic trackpad if you want.

The main downside at this point is that the device is not connected to the SMC and will not show up in Preferences to configure the device as a workaround you can use MagicPrefs.

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yuri624 wrote 12/25/2021 at 13:46 point

After lots of hours I managed to succeed. Both the keyboard and trackpad (from a 13" MacBook Pro 2011) work flawlessly in MacOS and Linux. Works ok in my BIOS and in Windows 10 (no gestures, "just" like a mouse). But unfortunately the trackpad (keyboard works fine) doesn't work in Android at all. It just appears dead.

The driver (Apple USB BCM5974 (Macbook Air and Penryn Macbook Pro) multitouch driver) is apparently included in Android since 2013 and offers functionality for exactly my trackpad model. 

(Driver file)

The issue is: 

Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 10): Trackpad not working

Lenovo P11 Pro (Android 11): Trackpad not working

Desktop PC, booting Android-x86 from USB stick: Trackpad not working

Same Android-x86 inside a virtual machine: Trackpad WORKING FLAWLESSLY with all gestures (which means the driver is indeed included and working).

I'm desperately looking for help, what kind of sorcery is this? :(

Does anyone have any idea.... or has anyone done such a trackpad -> usb conversion and can test it on an Android device?

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luiz wrote 12/28/2021 at 02:08 point

Hi man, I need to tell you something, I did the same tests you did on this touchpad.  I even added an A1278 keyboard  and it worked normally on an imac 27 high siera (to activate click function on mac you need to put in macbook system and activate click function of native touchpad.)

 i also made with a board of an a1466 a simple board.  got the idea from a guy ! %BF%E3%81%86%E8%A9%B1-7377002673fb 

here for me who works with technical assistance and easy to get these parts and test. on my S8+ the brightness and volume boost functions work fine.  the touchpad doesn't work, they put it works in old versions of windows.  the bad thing is that it stops responding to commands after a while, then just unplug and plug in again.  here is a video of mine.

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yuri624 wrote 05/31/2022 at 20:21 point

Cheers mate. I tested a bit more. On Android_x86 for pc... if you boot Android and then plugin the keyboard/trackpad, it does not work.

If you plugin the keyboard/trackpad BEFORE booting it works (including all gestures).

But on phone/tablet, plugging it in before booting does not help :(

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filippo-ceradini wrote 11/09/2021 at 14:07 point

Man I was sure it was possible! Need to test it myself!

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yuri624 wrote 05/23/2021 at 19:58 point

I'm especially asking about the keyboard because I see all the input from the trackpad and keyboard go into the CY8C24794, but I only see USB_TPAD_P and USB_TPAD_N as output. Do these two data lines include the keyboard as well?

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RRPRIME wrote 07/18/2020 at 08:30 point

@acccela the early 2009 C2D A1286 does in fact have the CY8C24794 and the keyboard and trackpad is connected to it.

Pro tip: get the Apple identifier like A1286 and then you need to google 2 things with that identifier: schematic and boardview. The schematic help you view the system, the boardview help you see the board. Get them find the chip in boardview and the connection in the schematic

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acccela wrote 04/30/2020 at 00:00 point

Hi! interested in doing something similar. Disassembled a A1278 mbp hoping it would have easy USB pinouts (as i found guides doing it on the white macbook from the same era.)

It has the same finicky plastic ribbon cable with a billion etches so i figured that's useless to try and list out what's what.

It looks like you've not really removed the pad from the logic board, and wired that up instead?

Any tips? i'll be checking the logic board tomorrow and see if i can't figure something out. I really need a bluetooth/wifi connected trackpad 'cause the one on Clevo computers are just butts.

Any information you could share with me would be very much appreciated.

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RRPRIME wrote 05/08/2020 at 23:24 point

not really just follow the boardview and the schematic and you will do fine, isolate all components for CY8C24794 cut the board or desolder all components and resolder them. Maybe in the future I will do a proper tutorial.

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Elliot wrote 05/10/2020 at 20:57 point

I would love to see a tutorial.  I'm only sort-of grasping your instructions.  

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acccela wrote 07/17/2020 at 21:43 point

Unfortunately my macbook pro is another model, probably late 2008/early 2009. And the pcb differs enough so i can't find CY8C24794. Tried finding a service manual but it's Apple.. And that's about as far as my knowledge and experience takes me. I don't have access to a microscope either so following traces sucks.

If i can figure out what i can source 3.3v from it should be easy, but i dunno how.

I'll hop on the project some time later i guess.

Thanks for replying btw! didn't expect an answer seeing how old the project is.

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yuri624 wrote 05/22/2021 at 15:31 point

A proper tutorial for this would be awesome!

I'm pretty new to electronics and while I can do the soldering etc, I can't seem to get where exactly you put your wires and why.

Also, is it possible to use the keyboard the same way?

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