It is working and first use case

A project log for Secure microSD Vault

FPGA emulating MicroSD runs Google ProjectVault HDL code.

antti-lukatsAntti Lukats 08/27/2015 at 00:450 Comments

The first board, well I managed to place the FPGA 180 degrees wrong. The second board was assembled today and this time all components are OK. All so far working too.

First actual use, microSD Artix is logging the SD Card init boot sequence of the ZYNQ Bootrom

The actual PRODUCT of interest is that small board in the microSD Adapter, at the other side is Artix A35T the red wires going to the right are JTAG.

This the "code" in the FPGA, 6 pins connected to ILA = Integrated Logic Analyzer

First SD Commands are visible.

This design uses all ready Vivado IP Core Catalog stuff, no manual coding done at all.