SD Emulation working..!

A project log for Secure microSD Vault

FPGA emulating MicroSD runs Google ProjectVault HDL code.

antti-lukatsAntti Lukats 09/04/2015 at 19:480 Comments

This is amazing, I did take some old code from 2011, imported to Vivado, generated bitstream, flashed the SPI Flash with #Hack ToolZ inserted into SD Card Reader - and as soon as plugged it into the PC USB port it was recognized as Removable media with readme.txt

And changing the README.TXT would controls as example the LED on the board.. or does something else.

The best thing is that this code would also fit into #DIPSY this is COOL, id say its DIPSY.COOL !

README.TXT is coming from FPGA Block RAM !

Quiz how many BGA packages total?

Answer: 5 !

  1. FPGA (other side)
  2. NAND flash the large black in this foto
  3. SPI Flash, the shiny part
  4. 9 ball CSBGA on Murata DCDC 1.8V Module
  5. 9 ball CSBGA on Murata DCDC 1.2V Module