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Marius SlavescuMarius Slavescu 09/16/2015 at 03:382 Comments

The smaller brother of previous RC cooler, partying at @HackerNest event :-)

It would respond to voice commands through the Android phone that controls it, next would be mind control, once I add Muse (the brain sensing headband) support to STEMCA App Inventor.

Amazing event! If you missed my RC Cooler demo, here it is :-) Built it in less then 1h

For Muse, the idea is to also use the embedded accelerometer to detect if you had enough beers (based on your head movements), and make the RC cooler run away from you :-)


Marius Slavescu wrote 09/16/2015 at 05:00 point

I need to give credits for this idea to Mark Zietara, he brought to my attention this RC Cooler.

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Marius Slavescu wrote 09/16/2015 at 03:43 point

The RC cooler used here, it is a bit slow but good enough for a robotics project (at $20 CAD is pretty good):

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