New Applications made with STEMCA App Inventor - by my kids :-)

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Marius SlavescuMarius Slavescu 01/17/2016 at 19:490 Comments

Happy New Year!

I invite you to try some new apps we created, in last few weekends, with STEMCA App Inventor (about 2-3 hours per app) for Learn, Teach, Invent, Make initiative!

All these can be used without STEMCA Brick.

Download and install them on an Android tablet (also works on Android phones or Android media players like MX III):

OpenCV 3.1 - uninstall existing OpenCV first (this is required by all apps bellow, the Google Play version is too old, use this one for now):

Flappy (works well on 10" tablet and MX III), a Pong game, where you control the paddle with a physical colored ball (or any other colored object), just click on the colored object and then move it close to the camera (to get radius > 80) to start the game (check reflect to revers the direction of the paddle), tracking score and on-line rating site coming soon

Speed chart (works well on 10" tablet and MX III), shows you a chart with the movement of a bouncing colored ball (when finished this should show your running/walking speed by tracking your knees movement)

Video Drawing (works well on 10" tablet and MX III) - drawing app that you can control with a colored ball (or any colored object), later we will extended this to use both hands directly

Some older apps, updated to OpenCV 3.1 and other changes

Driving Assist, monitors your face wile driving and notifies you if you don't pay attention to the road (this is for demo purposes, don't trust it while driving :-)
Save all of these in /sdcard/ folder (use Total Commander to copy them there), they are needed for Driving Assist app:

Simple Computer Vision Test, you can use sliders to tune the color to be tracked

You can also use Android media players to run these apps and see them on TV (big screen), there are plenty of media players (<$100) like MX III (see these or with a USB webcam (Logitec 920 worked fine for me).

We will post some videos on Youtube, on how these apps works and how they were created, they are still in a rough form, but should show how the new advanced capabilities of the STEMCA App Inventor can be used.

I'll post more updates on, or you can search for "STEMCA Inventor" on Google, for more details.

Let me know how they worked for you, what FPS you get on your device and what other projects would you like to build with computer vision and robots.